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Watchful eye moose antler carving-Published
ID: BC012
Category: Antler Sculpture's
Price: $14,000.00
As walking thru the forest can be peaceful, calm
and serene, A mystery awaiting around every turn
and every tree. Evening rays from the moon cut a
path onto natures stage.The sound of the
trickling stream,the scent of moss covered
oak,hold it deep,do not breath.And for the
roosting crow,behold the glisten,just listen,do
not blink, be the \"Watchful eye\" inspired by
the woods and my experiences while
hiking.... Watchful eye. Moose antler carving
deer scene with crow. 130 class sheds with bees
wax candles. This carving is published in the
coffee table book \"Best of New York-2003\" and
was in every major airport lobby around the
world. signed jack brown 2000 32 long 22
high. shipping free. more images upon request
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