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Sterling silver snapp...
Offered here
is the pair of
turtle ...


Two bear claw and tur...
Offered here
is a very
double bear
claw necklace


Elk Carved skull and ...
Here is a
handle where I
carved skull
and crossbones
on the ...


Eagle and feather carved deer antler necklace BSA scout
ID: BC527
Category: Antler Jewelry plus
Price: $98.00
I call this one the eagle scout where I carved
American bald eagle a slice of deer antler but I
also carved a little feather coming up and
wrapping around it is signed bone Carver and
numbered there's also strung up on a brown
leather cord with some glass Beads so it's ready
to wear as soon as you open your package
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ID: BC546
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ID: BC310
Category: Antler Jewelry plus
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Carved or capped elk ...
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ID: BC528
Category: Antler Jewelry plus
Price: $ 12345